Getting To Know The Good Game Of Golf

Golf, in case you did not already know this, is one of the most popular sports in the country. It also happens to be one of the most accessible sports as well. The local golf course is accessible too, of course. If not a full eighteen holes, there is always the nine-holer. And even if this were to be out of your hands for now, there is still always the driving range. Before you get to putt, you’ve still got to drive the ball onto the greens.

Be that as it may, there is still the good old family oriented putt-putt course. It is a fun-filled scheme, healthy way for bored dads to get their rocks off with their young kids when they have them over for the weekend. And so it goes, divorce rates are still high. Could this be one of the many contributing factors? Dad spending far too much time away from the house over the weekends to go and play golf with the boys?

golf course

Or play golf alone, because that much is true. Golf can be a solitary sport if you are looking to lose the competitive edge and to just be by yourself, out in the open clean and fresh air, enjoying whatever is left of the weekend’s sunshine. But to address the alarming divorce rates why not just play golf yourself. Why not join up with the girls and go enjoy a round or two. Because that is a fact too. It is of course pleasing to note that more and more women are playing golf these days.

That is surely quite healthy. And who knows, maybe you too could go pro someday. But don’t be expecting equal pay just yet.