What does your handyman do?

I already know what mine does. After all this time, I now have a regular handyman in my area in richmond, va, so I am up to date with what he does. And by this time, after a reasonably lengthy association between handyman and customer, the handyman has been able to introduce custom jobs on behalf of his by-now regular customer. New projects come on stream every once in a while. But rest assured that they will not be carried out on a whim. 

Because as any professional handyman should have you know; that would be highly impractical. So at this point in time, what does your handyman do? Is he doing something custom for you as well. Or like this handyman (to cater to those customers that need the service) does your handyman offer a universal line of services. Does he do emergency jobs as well. As a potentially new customer, you may not yet know.

But that is going to be quite alright for now. Rest assured that within a few days (that, at least, is a reasonable and realistic expectation, given that no one handyman workshop will be quite the same as the other) you will know. You will know (almost on the dot?) what your handyman is up to these days. You get a brief glimpse of the work he is already doing by paying him a quick first-time visit on his very own business website.   

handyman in my area in richmond, va

And that is just the thing. Like most small to medium-sized businesses these days, the handyman has got to have a functioning website, not only to promote and advertise the work that he is doing, but to better inform the local public within his servicing area. And so it goes.